DSRM Cable Construction

DSRM uses a wide variety of test equipment from Wavetek, Trilithic to Hewlett Packard and is updated with latest software and hardware. Our technicians are well trained and always up to date with emerging technologies. With over 14 years of experience in proof of performance, sweep certification,
CLI and ingress suppression our techs know what it takes to keep production levels at there highest to meet all the deadlines of your system activation requirements.

  • RF Splicing
  • Copper Splicing
  • Retrofit Splicing
  • Fiber Splicing (multimode; single mode)
  • Activation (Forward and Return)
  • Sweep (Forward and Return)
  • System Testing
    CLI (Leakage Testing)
    – Ingress Suppression
    – Lockdown Certification
    – Proof of Performance
  • Service Technicians
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Head End Services
    – New Construction
    – Upgrade Services
    – Testing
    – Maintenance
  • Tower Services
    – Dishes
    – Microwave
  • System Evaluation and Consultation

For more information regarding these services, please contact
Mark Wood at 909.629.1958.







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